About Root WHM



We offer a full WHM with root access for VPS and dedicated owners.

All WHM users have:

  • the tools needed to create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.
  • the tools needed to manage and monitor your sites (password resets).
  • access to all of your domains' DNS zones.
  • the ability to configure your own customers' support requests through cPanel.
  • permission to check the server information and status.
  • access to customize your hosting and control panel (skeleton directory, branding).
  • ability to change your client domain names and usernames.

The root owner's WHM also has:

  • ability to change your primary cPanel username.
  • access to install SSL certificates.
  • permission to restart services (http, mail, sql, ssh).
  • ability to assign IP addresses.
  • the automated backups tool.
  • the reseller center (used for managing resellers).

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