Dedicated Server Getting Started Guide



This guide covers the initial setup and configuration of your Linux Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) running Web Host Manager (WHM).

To get started, you may want to check out our extensive 2 part tutorial which will walk you through some of the most vital first steps and initial configurations for your server. This tutorial includes videos that are designed as a mini-course to give you a broad understanding of setting up a cPanel server.

You can also jump directly to the topics you want in our collection of articles. Most articles address specific tasks and features.

How to Register Private Name Servers

Note: To use the name server names provided with your server information, you only need to perform step 1 above. All three steps are necessary to create name servers not already configured.

How to Initially Configure Your Server via WHM

Setup Accounts & Manage WHM

Additional Features & Bonuses

Advanced Topics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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