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WHOIS Privacy Protection for domains registered with joudiSoft

All domain owners are required to maintain accurate and valid personal or business contact information in their "WHOIS" data. This information is listed publicly, unless you enable WHOIS Privacy Protection.

We offer to protect your personal domain registration information from WHOIS searches. You can enable the Privacy Protection feature on domains registered with joudiSoft for $12.95 per year per domain.

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WHOIS Privacy Availability

Not all domain extensions (TLD's) are allowed to have private WHOIS. Each .com, .net, etc. sets their own rules regarding this. Most ccTLD's (country code top level domains) do not actually allow WHOIS protection.

In March 2005, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has said that all owners of .us domains will not have the option of keeping their information private and that it must be made public.

You may visit the following pages to see more information about all the registration services we offer for your domain type.

Importance of Maintaining Correct WHOIS Information

Even though WHOIS Privacy hides your name and contact information from the public, it is important that the information listed for the registrant is accurate, because it determines who legally and contractually has control of the domain.

For example, if your web designer is creating a website for you, it is very important that the domain is actually in your name, and not in the name of the web designer you hired.

Be sure to check and update your WHOIS information to make sure it is up-to-date and accurate.

Changing Placeholder Information

Sometimes the domains are registered with Brent's information because we do the registration manually. This is not private registration, and you will not get important updates about your domain until you change the WHOIS information.

We actually sell ID Protect from eNom and Privacy Protection from LaunchPad, which replaces all of your personal information with our agent's contact information, and email is redirected to you.

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