Publishing Issues


If you are experiencing publishing issues with your website, please be sure to try the following to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Refresh the web page in your browser.
  • Ensure that all website files are inside the public_html folder.
  • Ensure that your home page is named index.html (all lowercase).
  • Broken images may be in the wrong folder. Also, check to make sure that the file name matches what's in the HTML code.

Using Site Studio?

Site Studio requires the domain name to be fully propagated and resolving to joudiSoft. Site Studio support can be found at the link below:

Using FrontPage Extensions?

Unfortunately, FrontPage is no longer supported by cPanel (Microsoft stopped supporting this software in 2006). It is highly recommended that you find a suitable alternative to publish your site. Additional information on alternate methods can be found within the following article: 

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