I Need a Dynamic DNS Service


Web hosting usually includes a DNS service to help your domain name resolve, though most do not offer a dynamic DNS service as they include a static IP address, preventing the need for dynamically changing DNS.

joudiSoft does not offer dynamic DNS software on any of our servers.

What is Dynamic DNS Service?

Dynamic DNS is provided by companies to allow users with dynamic IP addresses to obtain a domain name that will always be linked to their changing IP address. When the IP address changes, the IP address is updated either by client software running on a computer or by a router that supports dynamic DNS.

Why is Dynamic DNS Important?

Dynamic DNS services allow a domain to resolve to a server with a rapidly changing IP address, such as if you were hosting your website on a home computer that changed IP addresses every time it connected to the internet.

Do I Need Dynamic DNS?

All joudiSoft servers have a static IP address that is not inteded to change. You do not need a dynamic DNS service for your domain to resolve to your joudiSoft hosting.

Do You Offer Dynamic DNS?

Our servers do not include dynamic DNS software, and we do not support the use of this software on our servers.

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