IBM announces cloud based platform for cyber applications

The cloud based platform called ‘IBM Security Connect’ aims to analyze security data across previously unconnected tools and environments.

Tech behemoth IBM have announced the availability of their cloud based platform called IBM Security Connect for cyber security applications. By launching this platform, IBM will analyze security data across previously unconnected tools and environments by leveraging their AI prowess.

According to IBM, cyber security teams worldwide use myriad products from various vendors. They say that the feature provided by these products are not fully leveraged by cyber security teams as a result of integration and complexity challenges.

By launching Security Connect, IBM claim that they will help enterprises integrate security data with an ecosystem of security vendors, clients, and business partners to help improve their efficiency and collaboration so as to protect themselves from cyber crimes.

They also say that the platform will enable users to apply machine learning and AI, including Watson for Cyber Security, to help them identify cyber threats or risks.

IBM say that this new approach towards cybersecurity can help enterprises build unique microservices, develop new security applications, integrate existing security solutions, and leverage data from open shared services. Explaining the key services provided by Security Connect, IBM said that the platform will provide:

    Real-time security alerts and insights that can be leveraged by any app or solution integrated with the platform,

    Federated data searching across on-premise and cloud data repositories and security solutions, and;

    Open security data integration services for sharing and normalizing threat intelligence.


at 23/10/2018, 12:11pm

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