Changing DNS Records



The first thing that you need to do to point your domain to your web hosting account is to set your name servers.  It is preferred that you use name servers provided by joudiSoft, although it is possible to use your own.

If you use your own, you will need to manually set the DNS Records. If you use joudiSoft's name servers, most DNS records you need are generated for you automatically.

Before You Can Set Your DNS Records

If you have not set your name servers yet, please see the following section first:

Once you set your name servers, you have the option of setting specific DNS records for your website (controlled by A records), email (controlled by MX records), and more.

Setting DNS Records in cPanel

If you are using joudiSoft's name servers, and a cPanel based account, you can update your DNS Records directly in cPanel.

Setting DNS Records in WHM

If you are using joudiSoft's name servers, and have access to WHM, you can change your DNS records directly in WHM, in addition to being able to change them in cPanel.

Setting DNS Records in Plesk

If you are using joudiSoft's name servers, and have an account with Plesk (such as Windows or a VPS with Plesk), you can change your DNS records within Plesk.

Using Other Name Servers

You don't have to use joudiSoft's name servers.  But as stated earlier, this means manually maintaining the related DNS records.  The following article will give you an overview on how to do this.

Troubleshooting Tools

The following article provides information on the use of dig, which may be used to check a domain's DNS records, as well as WHOIS, which may be used to check the name servers, and ping, which can check your connection to the server when all of your settings are correct:

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