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We provide all resellers with a limited WHM. These limits help us control what actions the reseller is allowed.

As a reseller, you will have:

  • The tools needed to create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.
  • The tools needed to manage and monitor your sites (password resets).
  • Access to all of your domains' DNS zones.
  • The ability to configure your own customers' support requests through cPanel.
  • Permission to check the server information and status.
  • Access to customize your hosting and control panel (skeleton directory, branding).
  • Ability to change your client domain names and usernames.

Resellers will NOT have:

  • Ability to change your primary username.
  • Access to install SSL certificates.
  • Permission to restart services (http, mail, sql, ssh).
  • Ability to assign IP addresses.
  • The automated backups tool.
  • The reseller center (used for managing resellers).

For advanced functions, you can contact joudiSoft support.  For example, we can assist you with installing SSL Certificates for your clients (purchased from us or a third party) and assigning a dedicated IP address to your client's account.

Reseller WHM Demo

To see an example of the features you will get, try the WHM demo. This demo does not have reseller restrictions and may contain options that are not available in a Reseller WHM.

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