CPU Resource Restriction

Resource intensive websites can lead to server issues and, consequently, can result in account restrictions. joudiSoft allows a maximum of 25% CPU usage limit on our shared and reseller servers. If a hosting account exceeds this limit for longer than 90 seconds, resource restrictions will be placed on the account.

At this time, if the CPU usage for an account is found to be outside of our terms of service, we will begin serving a cached version of your site. This means that your site will be rendered statically and will be served with updates at regular intervals. If this is happening, you may notice a significant delay for changes to your site to be visible after you have made them.

How to Know if Your Account is Restricted

In the event that you exceed the resource limit for your hosting account, the following account alert box will be displayed across the top of the screen when you log into cPanel:

You may click the Acknowledge Alert button to dismiss the account alert.

How to Remove the Resource Restriction

Caching will be removed from your site automatically when your resource usage has decreased. Many customers will not notice caching and may even experience improved performance as this can be a superior way to deliver content to visitors.

CPU Resource Usage Graph

For more details on your CPU resource usage, you can click on the View your resource usage link. The resulting graph will display data to help you determine how much over the resource limit the account is as well as the time at which the overage occurred.


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