Get More from Your Dedicated Server



Your Dedicated server comes with these features and bonuses.

Billing Management & Support Software

WHMCS allows you to manage your online business, and includes client management, billing & support functionality.

A WHMCS license is included FREE with joudiSoft Linux Dedicated Servers.  More Info.

Site Building Tools and Resources

QuickInstall, our in-house script auto-installer and comes with all Shared and Reseller accounts.

QuickInstall is also pre-installed on all new dedicated servers. If your dedicated server does not already have QuickInstall, you can get QuickInstall for dedicated/VPS plans with cPanel at no charge by contacting us via  with your request.

Plesk Site Builder

Parallels Plesk Site Builder is a professional solution for website design beginners.

Dedicated server and VPS customers are able to create up to fifty (50) sites for free, and have the ability to create sub-users for your customers to use.  Use the request form to request your account.

HTML Website
Free HTML Website Templatesare available to all joudiSoft Web Hosting customers.  They are free to use for any site which is on a joudiSoft server (even your clients).

Download them, modify them and upload them to your hosting account.

Domain Name Reseller
eNom The eNom Domain Reseller Account comes free with any reseller, VPS, or dedicated server plan. It allows our resellers to buy domain names for as low as $9.45 per year, and works with WHMCS (More Info).
Affiliate Program

Monetize the traffic to your site with the joudiSoft Affiliate Program and earn the highest paying commissions in the industry. Come join the top affiliate program making our associates thousands of dollars a month. There is no better time to start promoting joudiSoft services from your site than now!

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