Linux Dedicated Server, What Do I Get?



Linux Dedicated Server Features

  • CentOS 64 bit Linux with full root access (64bit Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, and 32 bit CentOS installs available on request.)
  • cPanel with WHM control panel1
  • Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (on Rails), FFmpeg support
  • Secured server with IPtables firewall

Additional Features

  • Root shell with full SSH access to all the accounts on your server
  • Root WHM - a full featured WHM that lets you make many of the changes our own admins can make1
  • Dedicated static IPs
  • cPanel and WHM with a wide variety of utilities and programs pre-installed with the option to request additional programs to be installed 1
  • Unlimited emails and unlimited outgoing messages per hour
  • Full access to server logs through SSH
  • As an alternative to the recommended CentOS 6.x with cPanel, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux2 are also available, although cPanel cannot be installed on Ubuntu.
1: Avaible to Managed Dedicated Servers
2: CloudLinux requires a license to operate, and we are only able to install it after you acquire a license and provide it to us.

How much of the dedicated server's disk space will be used by the OS and included software?

The OS and included software use approximately 2 GB of disk space.

Can I install almost anything I want?

Yes, only VPS and Dedicated have this option.

Does root WHM have the Reseller Center?

Yes, only VPS and Managed Dedicated get this tool.

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