Changing Name Servers



In order for your domain name to resolve (point) to your web hosting account (and therefore your website), you will need to update the DNS for your domain.  This typically involves updating the name servers your domain is using.

This collection of articles will help you understand how to change your name servers.


Collecting Information

Before you begin the process of changing your name servers, you will want to find out which name servers you need to use.

How to Change Name Servers

Once you know which name servers to use with your hosting account, you can change your name servers at your registrar.

Specific Registrars

Each registrar's process for changing name servers is slightly different.  To assist you in changing them, we have compiled instructions for the most common registrars.  There are so many we decided to list them all on their own page.


When you change name servers, some people will see the change instantly, while others won't see the change for up to 24 to 48 hours.

Using Your Site Before the Domain Propagates

It can take 24 to 48 hours for your name server changes to propagate (update) worldwide.  While that happens, you may be able to preview your website by making some temporary changes.  Not all types of websites can be previewed before the domain propagates, but most can be.  The following articles will assist you.

Advanced & Specialized Help

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