VISA / Mastercard Tokenization

What's Tokenization:

Tokenization is a method of protecting payment card information by substituting the card's number with a unique alphanumeric identifier, generated using proprietary algorithms.

The unique identifier, or token, is then used for sending the transaction to the card's payment network, where it is decrypted and the transaction authorized. The actual card number is stored in a secure vault (with the payment processor or bank) and does not reside on the merchant's or joudiSoft's systems.

Tokenization is being used to reduce security risks inherent in the collection and transfer of highly sensitive data between merchants and the card's payment network.

Tokenized data is not mathematically reversible and is useless unless you have the original key used to create the token, limiting the chance of your payment information being stolen or compromised.

The transaction is seamless and requires no changes on the part of the merchant or consumer.

What happen when i enter my credit card number?

Simple please know that joudiSoft doesn't see or capture any sensitive data you enter regarding your credit card information, when you enter your credit card number infact ( You entering it directly at our payment processor gateway - Master Card Payment Gateway ).
Once payment details validated by the Payment Gateway / Payment Processor - the gateway tells joudiSoft to continue with ordering with a Token - the token specified to protect your card details and we can only use it to deliver your payment information (encrypted / masked) from payment gateway to your browser on ordering.

You also required to enter yoru CSC / CVV your card security code every time on payment page.

joudiSoft will not save your credit card number and CVV code

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