Obtaining (or Requesting) Your Free License for WHMCS


One of the benefits of being a joudiSoft reseller or dedicated server customer is that you receive a free license for WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution).

WHMCS provides you with complete client management, billing & support.  You can utilize WHMCS to manage your web hosting business and any related businesses you may have, such as web design or consulting.

WHMCS is included with all Reseller Packages and Dedicated Servers.

Although VPS Hosting does not qualify for a free WHMCS license, VPS customers can obtain a WHMCS license from joudiSoft at a discounted rate of $5 per month.




To obtain you copy of WHMCS, simply request it using the request form indicated below.


  1. In order to have the WHMCS request form to accept your order, your domain must already be pointed to your reseller account, VPS or dedicated server.

If you have not updated the DNS to point the domain to your joudiSoft reseller account, VPS or dedicated server (either by changing the name servers or by creating an A record), then the form may reject your domain and request that you contact us. 

If you have recently changed your nameservers, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate worldwide, although it often takes less time.

Request Your Copy

  1. Reseller & Dedicated: You may obtain your copy of WHMCS by visiting http://www.whmcs.com/joudisoft/ and requesting your free WHMCS license.   (See license details below.)

VPS: You may obtain a license for $5 per month by visiting: https://secure.joudisoft.com/addons/vpswhmcs.shtml

Additional addons are available directly from WHMCS Ltd. and will be offered to you when you request your free license. These are optional and are not needed for WHMCS to work, however, you may find many of them useful.

Download and Install

  1. Once you've requested your license from WHMCS, you may download it by logging into your WHMCS client area at: www.whmcs.com/members
  2. Installation instructions can be found in the article: How to Install WHMCS

Alternately, if you do not want to install WHMCS yourself, you can request that joudiSoft Install it for you by contacting us via phone or email. There is a $25 charge if joudiSoft installs it for you. No charge if you install it yourself, of course.


License Details

The license for WHMCS is free for reseller & dedicated server customers ($5 per month for VPS customers) for as long as you are a joudiSoft customer, and you will have the options to include addons from the makers of WHMCS to your order such as a WHMCS Android or iPhone app.  While these are optional, you may find them valuable.  (Please note: these addons are purchased directly from WHMCS, and not joudiSoft, so please contact WHMCS for any addons you wish to acquire.)


Note: The WHMCS license offered from joudiSoft is only valid if WHMCS is installed on your joudiSoft reseller account, VPS or dedicated server. You may purchase a license directly from WHMCS if you do not have a reseller plan, VPS or dedicated server.

Should you choose to change hosting providers and wish to continue use of your WHMCS installation hosted on another provider, a license would need to be purchased directly from WHMCS as the joudiSoft provided license would no longer be valid.

Also, there is a limit of one (1) free or discounted WHMCS license per customer. Additional licenses need to be purchased directly from WHMCS.


Sometimes you may receive an error message saying that the IP of your domain does not appear to be part of the joudiSoft network, even though you have already changed the DNS.  If this should occur, please contact joudiSoft support so we can expedite having that particular IP listed in WHMCS's system.

Note: Since this free license is only available to joudiSoft customers while they are an active customer (as per the license details above), WHMCS must be installed on a joudiSoft server (joudiSoft IP). If you want to install WHMCS on a server not controlled by joudiSoft, then you must purchase a license directly from WHMCS.

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