WHMCS Configuring Automation Settings



Creating your Automated Settings

Begin by going to Setup > Automation Settings

There are a variety of options to configure how WHMCS invoices customers and actions to be taken upon non-payment.

Once you have determined the automation setting for invoices and non-payment, select Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

You will see a message Changes Saved Successfully and you will be given a cron command.

Setting up the Automation

  1. Copy the cron command
  2. Login into your cPanel
  3. In cPanel select the Cron Jobs icon
  4. Once inside the Cron Jobs setting, you will want to set the Common Setting dropdown to the Once a Day option.
  5. Then on the Minutes and Hour setting you will want to to enter 0 running your cron exactly at midnight.
  6. Next, paste the cron command from WHMCS into the Command field and select the Add New Cron Job button.

Your Automation Setting are now setup.

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