SMTP Timeouts on Localhost


If you are receiving timeouts while attempting to send email over SMTP on localhost or if you are using a script that sends email that is timing out, you may need to have your cPanel username whitelisted. There are several reasons why timeouts may occur, the most common being interference with the host server firewall.

In order to have this matter resolved, please contact joudiSoft support via email or by phone.

Joomla Sendmail Option

Many of our customers use scripts such as Joomla, where there is an option allowing users to use Sendmail. A guide for using Sendmail  through Joomla can be located at the following link:

If there is no option for a script to use Sendmail, then joudiSoft can whitelist your cPanel username upon request. Please contact joudiSoft via email or phone for further assistance.

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