Missing folders after converting to maildir


If you come from a host who does not use maildir, we must convert your email.

Once the conversion to maildir is complete, your IMAP folders may be missing. Please subscribe to them again and they will appear.

Subscribe to folders in Microsoft Outlook Express:
1. Under Folders on the left side of the screen, select the Inbox for your joudiSoft e-mail. (NOT the one under Local Folders)
2. Click the Tools menu and click IMAP Folders
3. Select desired folders.
4. Click Show. Folders will appear next to selected folders. Click OK.
5. New folders can now be accessed from the Folders list on the left side.

Subscribe to folders using SquirrelMail:
1. Go to options > folder preferences
2. Select all of the folders listed.
3. Click Subscribe.

Subscribe to folders using Horde:
1. In the main account click on the "folders" icon at the top of the screen.
2. Choose the "rebuild Folder Tree" option from the dropdown box.
3. Then choose the "Check Folders for New Mail" option from the same box.

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