I Changed My MX Record and I Am Not Receiving Any Email at My Mail Server


If you ever send mail from any site that is on the same server as that upon which your site is hosted, your external mail server will not receive the mail. This is because of the mail exchanger which is normally set to Local. If you have custom MX records pointing to a remote server for your email, you will need to instead use the Remote mail exchanger.

Set the Mail Exchanger

  1. First, Access your Customer Portal.
  2. Then select the Hosting tab to locate your Email icon.

  1. You can then select the MX Entry icon from the page loadout.

  1. Once inside, you can select whether to use the Local Mail Exchanger if your MX records are hosted on the current server, or select Remote Mail Exchanger for a separate mail router.

Note:For additional assistance in setting an MX record, please see the following article:
Please contact us via phone or email if you have any questions or require assistance.

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