VPS General Information


A VPS is best for installing custom software, creating custom configurations, sending emails without shared server limitations and hosting live streaming media; however, joudiSoft does not recommend obtaining a VPS account as a solution for a resource-intensive account or heavy traffic.


VPS Features

How Many Cores Does Each VPS Plan Get?

VPS plans have different numbers of cores available:

  • Snappy 500 - .5 core
  • Snappy 1000 - 1 core
  • Snappy 2000 - 2 cores
  • Snappy 4000 - 2 cores
  • Snappy 8000 - 4 cores


Server Process Limitations

There is no enforced limit for the number of simultaneous processes you may run on a VPS. You may use 100% of the resources defined by your plan. If you are having issues with being limited on processes with your VPS, please see the following article:


VPS users get weekly, automated, off-site backups.

VPS Container Reboot

You can stop and start your own container via the VZ control panel:

The VZ control panel is attached to the hardware node so that problems on your VPS will not prevent you from getting into your VZ control panel.

Managed VPS users can also have their container restarted by contacting joudiSoft and making the request via email or on the phone.


VPS users are not affected by other VPS users being put on a blacklist.

Supported Application Templates and Managed Applications

Currently, FFmpeg is available for managed VPS accounts with cPanel, Snappy 2000 or higher. The installation of FFmpeg can be requested by contacting us via . For more information about FFmpeg availability and installation requirements, please see the following article:


Billing Information

Customer Billing Access Site

To access your billing account for your VPS, please use the following URL:

Upgrade/Downgrade Options

We have online forms for requesting to upgrade or downgrade between different VPS levels.

If cPanel is being added to the VPS, joudiSoft can leave the old container active so that files can be transferred to the new VPS container. The old VPS container must be canceled when the transfer process is complete to prevent further billing.

Control Panel Changes

joudiSoft offers cPanel only at this time as a control panel. If you currently have a semi-dedicated VPS and you would like to have cPanel as your control panel, you can simply order one, please contact our Billing department.

Please contact us via to modify VPS settings or control panels but stay on the same level.


Special Services and Available Software

QuickInstall and RVSkin Availability

QuickInstall, joudiSoft's free software auto-installer is also available on VPS accounts. Simply contact us via to request the free installation.

RVSkin is available on VPS for $60 per year. You can request RVSkin by completing the online order form.

Ordering a Dedicated IP Address

Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, joudiSoft is now required to request justification for dedicated IP address requests, much like as an SSL certificate. To submit a request for a dedicated IP, please submit the dedicated IP order form.

4500 Downloadable Templates

When accessing the downloadable templates, keep in mind that your domain name will not be recognized and that your VPS server IP address will need to be used instead. Also, be sure to enter a working FTP username and password to submit.

Website Building Program

joudiSoft currently offers Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder as a free option for website construction on your VPS. For more information on this software, please see:


To have WHM AutoPilot installed for a $25 fee, please click contact us via . Please have the AutoPilot license and the directory you would like the installation to be placed in. (Note that support for WHMAP is not provided past the initial installation.)

We offer a WHMCS license for $5 per month (the monthly fee will always apply to VPS, even if you upgrade from a Reseller account). To obtain a license, please submit the Complete Solution online form.

eNom Reseller Account

A free eNom retail account is available to VPS (and Reseller) customers; just submit the Domain Reseller Request form. Customers may upgrade to the reseller API at anytime.


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