What Do I Get with an Unmanaged VPS? (VZ Only)


An unmanaged VPS (also known as a semi-managed VPS) is any VPS without cPanel or Plesk which comes with limited support from joudiSoft. All VPS plans, except for Snappy 500 which is only offered with Virtuozzo, have the option to be fully managed or semi-managed.


The following software is included or available on all semi-managed VPS accounts:

  • Virtuozzo 4.7
  • Apache 2.2.3 - must be installed
  • Perl 5.8.8 - must be installed
  • Python 2.4.3 - must be installed
  • Sendmail 8.13.8 - must be installed
  • MySQL - must be installed
  • PHP - must be installed
  • Exim - must be installed
  • FTP - must be installed

The aforementioned software can be installed via yum, as follows:

yum install httpd
yum install perl
yum install python
yum install sendmail
yum install mysql
yum install php
yum install exim
yum install ftp

Additional software not mentioned here is NOT pre-installed on semi-managed VPS accounts and MUST be installed separately.


While we still create backups for semi-managed VPS accounts once a week, databases may not be recoverable from these backups. We strongly recommend that you make your own backups on a regular basis. To learn how to set up backups, please see the following article:


Unfortunately semi-managed VPS accounts do not qualify for the free site transfer. You (the joudiSoft client) will be responsible for transferring your data.

Control Panel

Please note that the Virtuozzo (VZ) Power Panel, which VPS servers come with, is not a replacement for cPanel or Plesk. The control panel is what maintains and links Apache and the other software together, whereas the Power Panel is for managing the server as a whole. This means, in order to have a full-fledged web-server like you would get with a cPanel-based hosting plan, you would need to manually perform all of the actions that cPanel normally would or install a third-party control panel. Due to the complexity of these operations, we strongly recommend that only advanced Linux users go with a semi-managed VPS.


There is no email service by default. You must install and configure your own Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) such as Exim, Postfix or Sendmail.

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