How to View Bandwidth Usage for VPS


VPS bandwidth is calculated by billing cycle, not calendar month.

You can check your current bandwidth on your VPS by doing the following :

  1. Log into your VZ Power Panel as noted in your welcome email; this can be accessed through https://your-server-IP:4643/
  2. Under Logs, Click Traffic Log in the menu to the left.
  3. To specify what traffic is displayed, you can change the specifics under the graph:
    • Show traffic for:
      • Period - Specify the period for which you wish to view your traffic statistics by selecting the start and end dates on the calendar.
      • Day - Click the calendar and specify the exact date (i.e. day, month, and year) for which you wish to view your network traffic statistics.
      • Month - Specify the month and year for which you wish to display your traffic statistics.
      • Year - Specify the year for which you wish to display your traffic statistics.
    • Traffic class :
      • All - This option includes traffic from all accounting classes, even that which is not grouped into any class.
      • Other - This option only includes traffic that does not belong to any specific accounting class.
      • Specific - This option shows the classes created by you for specific needs. You can choose a single class to be displayed in the table. (You can also create a new class and view the details of existing Specific Traffic Classes by going to the hosting physical server and clicking the Network tab » Traffic subtab.)
    • Traffic unit :
      • Byte - Displays traffic measurements in Bytes
      • KB - Displays traffic measurements in Kilobytes
      • MB - Displays traffic measurements in Megabytes
      • GB - Displays traffic measurements in Gigabytes
  4. For Show Traffic For, select Period and enter the start and end dates of the billing cycle in question (be sure the end date is the day before the next billing renewal date).
  5. For Traffic Class as All.
  6. For Traffic Unit, select GB.
  7. Click the Update button.
  8. You will then see the bandwidth usage for both incoming and outgoing connections during. Add these together, and you will have the total bandwidth usage for the billing cycle you selected.

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