How to Add Additional RAM and Hard Drives


There are times when you may need to upgrade aspects of your Dedicated Server, but you don't need the entire server upgraded. We understand this necessity and have provided you a way of adding RAM or SAN to upgrade your server.

Adding RAM

We offer RAM upgrades for Dedicated Servers at a rate of $10 per month for each additional GB. The minimum RAM that can be ordered is 4 GB.

Typical Amounts of RAM That Can Be Ordered

Servers have certain RAM steppings depending on the chassis, most of them requiring 4 GB increments or other specific amounts. All servers have a maximum capacity of 32 GB of RAM. The following are typical steppings for most servers. Please note that your server may be different.

  • Servers with 4 GB can order 4 GB, 12 GB, 20GB or 28 GB.
  • Servers with 8 GB can order 8 GB, 16 GB or 24 GB.
  • Servers with 16 GB can order 8 GB or 16 GB.

If ordering the maximum amount of RAM, 2GB will be dedicated to the KVM rescue and management layer and the remainder will be dedicated to your server instance. This will cause the server to report roughly 30GB of RAM, but you will still have the advantage of the additional optimization.

Note: If your server cannot support the amount of RAM ordered, we will reply to your order and let you know the RAM steppings your server's chassis allows so you can instruct us on how to proceed.

How to Order

If you would like to add additional RAM to your server please fill out our:

RAM upgrades require your server to be brought down. If you prefer a specific timeframe, you may specify a time in the upgrade form. If left blank, you are letting us know that any time would be fine.


If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us via .

Adding a Hard Drive/SAN

We currently offer a SAN-based solution where an off-server array is connected to your server as a block device to allow for additional storage. This option appears and operates just like another physical drive and is contained within a large RAID array to ensure the data is available when needed and fully protected.

SAN is available at the following increments and prices:

  • 100GB - $15/mo.
  • 250GB - $35/mo.
  • 500GB - $65/mo.
  • 750GB - $90/mo.
  • 1TB - $110/mo.
  • 2TB - $200/mo.
  • 2.5TB - $250.00/mo.
  • 3TB - $270.00/mo.
  • 3.5TB - $315.00/mo.
  • 4TB - $320.00/mo.
To request or inquire about a SAN drive for your server, please contact our Billing department via .

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