Which Domain Name Registrations Can I Transfer to joudiSoft?



We will be happy to help transfer any domain to your joudiSoft account. Please review this article and the chart below to see the necessary steps, pricing and possible domain names for transfer.

Domain orders transferred via the online form are registered with LaunchPad. Domains transferred via Live Support may be registered with joudiSoft/eNom or LaunchPad.

Please visit https://joudisoft.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer to transfer a domain to joudiSoft. This domain registry tool requires credit card or PayPal payment and is not available for all TLDs.

If the type of domain you want cannot be transferred online or if you need to pay with a method other than a credit card, please contactour Billing department via phone or email

To register a completely new domain name, please view the following article:

All the TLDs listed below are able to be transferred to us.  

Generic (Worldwide) Top Level Domains (TLDs)
Domain Extension Price per Year Transfer via
Online Form
via Live Support
.com $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.net $7.95 1st Year
$16 Renewal
.org $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.info $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.biz $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.space $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.club $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.website $7.95 1st Year
$15 Renewal
.host $45 Information
.mobi $19.99 Mobile
.name $15 Individuals, by name
.tel $18 Internet Communication Services
.pro $35 Professions
.aaa.pro $199.00 Accountancy
.aca.pro $199.00 Accountancy
.acct.pro $199.00 Accountancy
.cpa.pro $199.00 Accountancy
.avocat.pro $199.00 Legal
.bar.pro $199.00 Legal
.jur.pro $199.00 Legal
.recht.pro $199.00 Legal
.law.peo $199.00 Legal
.eng.pro $199.00 Engineering
.med.pro $199.00 Medical
.xxx $100 Adult
Country Level Domains (ccTLDs) marketed as Generic (Worldwide) Domains
Domain Extension Price per Year Transfer via
Online Form
via Live Support
.cc $49.95 An alternative to .com
.co $29.99 An alternative to .com
.me $39.95 Personal Websites
.tv $59.95 Video & Media Rich Content
Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) & Country Specific Domains
Domain Extension Price per Year Transfer via
Online Form
via Live Support
.us $15 United States of America (U.S.)
.us.com $34.95** United States Commercial
.us.org $34.95 United States Organization
.co.uk $25** United Kingdom Commercial
.org.uk $25** United Kingdom Organization
.me.uk $15.99** United Kingdom Personal Names
.uk.com $59.95** United Kingdom Commercial
.uk.net $59.95** United Kingdom Network
.br.com $59.95** Brazil
.ca $25 Canada
.cc $49.95 Alternative to .com /
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.co $29.95 Alternative to .com /
.com.co $34.95 Colombia Commercial
.nom.co $34.95 Colombia Personal
.net.co $34.95 Colombia Network
.eu $19.95 European Union
.eu.com $34.95 European Union Commercial
.de.com $59.95** Germany Commercial
.es $15.00 Spain (España)
.gr.com $34.95 Greece
.hu.com $59.95** Hungary
.in $27 India
.la $59.95 Laos /
Los Angeles (unofficial)
.me $39.95 Personal /
.no.com $59.95** Norway
.qc.com $59.95** Quebec
.ru.com $59.95** Russia
.sa.com $59.95** Saudi Arabia
.se.com $59.95** Sweden
.se.net $59.95** Sweden
.tv $59.95 Video & Media Rich Content /
.tw $44.95 Republic of China (Taiwan)
.com.tw $44.95 Republic of China (Taiwan)
.idv.tw $44.95 Republic of China (Taiwan)
.org.tw $44.95 Republic of China (Taiwan)
.uy.com $69.95** Uruguay

** Minimum 2 year registration.


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