Where Can I View if My Name Servers Were Set Up Correctly and What IPs They Currently Use?


How to Check the Name Servers and IP Addresses for a Domain

Name servers, IP address and any other DNS record can be looked up by using an online DNS lookup tool. There are several that are available free of charge across the internet such as:

Causes of Incorrect DNS Information

There would only be two reasons why the DNS information listed is wrong: propagation or misinformation


If name servers have been updated within the past 48 hours, then the information listed in the DNS lookup tool will likely still reflect the older information or none at all. In order to remedy this, you can go log into your domain's registrar and reference the new information if it is available, or you can wait out the remainder of the propagation period.

More information on propagation can be found in the following articles:


If the information is incorrect in the DNS lookup tool and there are not any DNS records propagating, the issue might be that the DNS was improperly added.

For more information on how to change your DNS records, please refer to the following articles:

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